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IAAF Coaches Education and Certification Course Level II for Lecturers. Cologne, September 20-24, 2015

CECS Level II Course for Lecturers was organized in Cologne, GER, in the Sport University  in the period  September 20-24, 2015. It was attended by 13 persons, including 2 women, from 12 countries: BIH, BUL, CYP, CZE (2), GRE, ESP, EST, ISR,  MKD, MNE, POR, RUS.

Moderators of the Course were: Mr. Gunther Lange (Germany), Senior Education Manager of the IAAF Development and Member Relations Department, and Dr. Wolfgang Ritzdorf (Germany), IAAF Senior Lecturer/Editor.

New program developed by IAAF for this Course, has been completely fulfilled. Participants staged two practical and one theoretical presentations and took part in the written exam. This Course was organized in English.

Eight  participants received a status of IAAF Lecturer Level II and were entitled to become lecturers of the respective Course in English  language or in the respective language of the country in question. Among them are the following participants: Kyriakos Kyriakou (CYP), Rogel Nahum (ISR), Radim Jebavy and Yan Feher  (both - CZE),  Vahid Kozic  (BIH), Pedro Pinto  (POR), Alexander Cherkashin  (RUS), Romet Mihkels  (EST); two participants, Sergio Garcia Berbegal (ESP) and Ioanna Siomou (GRE) received status of Lecturer’s Assistant.

Participants received all materials in the electronic format.

University of Sports, Cologne, provided excellent conditions for the Course.